Tips for Tesla E1 – Steering and Weight Reduction

Tesla Suggestions - Lighweighting and Steering
Tips for Tesla E1 – Steering and Weight Reduction

Replace the wheel?

In this episode Sand talks about the evolution of steering, all the way from riding horses to the present day.  Sandy suggests some alternatives to future Tesla steering mechanisms and discusses the feasibility of a joystick model and goes into an explanation of the aircraft that Munro and Associates designed called the Paradigm.

Taking one step further, Sandy suggests that at some point we should ultimately have a  vehicle that will be steered by thought. Although this might sound a little out there to the casual reader, Tesla’s Neuralink might bring us this reality sooner than we think.

In the second half of this video Sandy discusses a few different light-weighting ideas that Tesla can implement. The first is surrounding changing the wheels in a new design concept from  Sandy also talks about other ways to replace large chunks the car someone consumer to the make a casting.

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