Uh oh, Tesla Sues Rivian…

Tesla Sues Rivian

Uh oh, Tesla Sues Rivian…

In a move that is probably more to set a precedent than anything else, Tesla is suing EV truck rival Rivian for violating Trade Secrets law.  During the last little while, roughly 70 employees have left Tesla for Rivian, and Tesla is now claiming that several of these ex-employees who have jumped ship have brought with them valuable intellectual property and secrets that Telsa can’t abide by.

Rivian, although starting up around ten years ago, has been a little under the radar for some until the last few years when their product has come into the media’s focus.  With recent investments coming with Ford ($500M) and Amazon ($700M) and an overall fundraising of upwards of $5 Billion over it’s time, Rivian could stand to be a real competitor with Telsa, especially in the truck race.

Both companies can boast of impressive new technologies, but now it seems as if the competitive waters are going to turn choppy, starting with the legal end of things.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield of Transport Evolved has just made a very interesting video that dives into this drama.  To watch the full video, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSiBs1ZPR6c

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