case studiesFrom food processing companies to motorcycles, oil rigs to toys, furniture to backscatter radar devices, Munro & Associates has worked in virtually every industry and our pedigree of commitment to providing our clients with the most cutting edge services in design and manufacturing can be seen in the many quality products our customers produce around the globe.

“If your company manufactures products in any industry sector, chances are, we can help your team to achieve reductions in parts, weight, complexity, and manufacturing time, while increasing quality and speeding time to market. Using our unique methodologies and tools, such as Design Profit®, Lean Design®, Wall Process® and Quality Report Card® as well as time tested lean manufacturing and Kaikaku tools, our team works with yours to assess, analyze, redesign, cost, innovate and improve any part of your operations.

a-fabiano“It was a smart move to bring in our friends from Munro and Associates.”Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO,
American Science and Engineering

From reverse engineering and benchmarking to supply chain management, find out what Munro can help your team achieve.

Some of the services that we regularly provide companies are:

Product Concept Development

  • Complete new or redesign or desired products
  • Systems packaging and design
  • Component Design and CAE Analysis to support System design and development

Design Optimization of any devices to reduce complexity, cost and weight

  • Diagnostic
  • Structure
  • Delivery
  • Systems related

Process Optimization and Process Redesign-Agencies and Contractors

  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Product Development Processes
  • Material and Service Acquisition Processes

Lean Design and Manufacturing Training

  • Classroom Training on Lean Concepts and Methods
  • Organization and Leadership of Workshops to address Lean Methods through review of a specific System designs for reduction in design complexity and cost
  • Review and redesign of internal systems flow from a personnel and procedure perspective
  • Provision of proprietary Munro Design Profit® software for client in-house design and process optimization study and implementation

Cost Analysis

  • Order of magnitude investment and variable cost study for directional decision making
  • Detailed “Should Cost” analysis of investment and variable costs, at any production volume, irrespective of venue of manufacture


American Science and Engineering, Inc.

Z Backscatter Van Receives Frost & Sullivan Homeland Security Product of the Year Award

Parts count reduction81%
Assembly time reduction48%
Steps & Operations Reduced82%
Total Cost Improvement46%