The Munro Team has had a long and distinguished history in the Automotive Industry, having worked with most of the world’s OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. 

With extensive experience in both the commercial and general aviation aircraft industry, the Munro Team is perfectly poised to tackle various aerospace designs. 

Munro & Associates has been privileged to work on various defense aircraft, land vehicles, missiles, ships, and other defense systems. 

From TVs to avionics, mobile phones to numerous household appliances, Munro has worked on a wide variety of electronic equipment. 

Elevators, commercial air conditioning units, hand tools, mining machinery, and agricultural equipment; Munro boasts a wealth of experience in the industrial sector. 

Sandy Munro and his team have a long and successful history with many of the world’s ship, submarine, and other aquatic craft manufacturers globally.

The Munro group has worked with many of the top medical device manufacturers and medical service companies over the last few decades.

Food processing plants to oil rigs, toys to backscatter radar devices, Munro & Associates has seen it all. By virtue of working in almost every industry, Munro can help you.