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World Renowned Benchmarking

Munro’s benchmarking facilities, including the world class Benchmarking Information Center (BIC), provide state-of-the-art benchmarking services. A combined square footage of 100,000ft is dedicated for product evaluation, redesign and reverse engineering. These turnkey facilities are replete with the necessary tools, technology and engineers to perform any size or type benchmarking study with an internal emphasis on both excellence and discretion. A large full-time staff are trained and dedicated to making your experience illuminating, positive and rewarding.

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Versatile Facilities

Our facilities are compliant and capable for all manufacturing sectors, in any industry. Companies who traditionally did not have the resources to perform advanced benchmarking can now receive the benefits without the overhead.

Our benchmarking centers have been host to Primes/OEM’s and all levels of suppliers from around the world. Even among those that have their own benchmarking capabilities have chosen our facilities as their source for reliable benchmarking and accurate costing

Benchmarking Your Product

Re-defining “Benchmarking,” Munro goes well beyond the traditional benchmarking procedures by incorporating Lean Design®, QRC®, manufacturing, ergonomic, best of best studies, and predictive costing into the process.

A key element to Munro’s benchmarking services that far exceeds others is that only qualified product design and manufacturing engineers, material experts, costing engineers, and certified ergonomists with multiple industry experience perform the benchmarking services.

Munro provides the gold standard for benchmarking and confidential assessment, providing a detailed analytical design and production audit with quantitative results and alternatives. Types of benchmarking services include data collection, media, scanning, advanced product reverse engineering, costing, and competitive side-by-side analysis (including multiple industry comparisons). Groups are invited to interact during the evaluation process and always receive a comprehensive report out presentation at the program conclusion.

Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid

EV Reports

Munro provides it’s customers with a variety of benchmarking studies on some of the leading Electric Vehicles in the Market.  Some of these include the Ford Mach-E, Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and soon to be released Model S Plaid.  We also provide special reports comparing systems such as inverters, electric motors, heating and cooling systems, and more.

Check out our latest selection of vehicle or systems reports by clicking below:

Ford Mach-E Teardown Analysis Prospectus

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