Lean Design®

“As variation is reduced, quality will increase.”Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Lean Design® is Munro & Associates core methodology, developed and refined over the last 25 years, which has saved companies 14+ billions of dollars over all manufacturing sectors, including defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, M.T.D.M., toys, marine and more.

Lean Design® is both a tool and methodology, comprising of a concise set of coded symbols, each containing inside of them, a wide variety of almost unlimited chosen data (depending on what the client wishes to track). This system is flexible enough to represent all facets of a design’s life cycle – from concepts through to end of life.

These visual tools provide the user with the ability to objectively evaluate, analyze, compare, and finally redesign conceptual and existing designs while refining and reducing manufacturing issues, such as weight, labor, complexity, costs and ergonomic pitfalls, all while increasing quality and driving value in an easy to use and comprehensive manner.

The result: Companies using the methodology and tools will know up front in the concept or redesign phase a large variety of business metrics in order to generate accurate business cases so that the team can achieve the highest level of design excellence.

sandy-munro-bio“All variation stems from design… and the first design is never the simplest.”Sandy Munro

By definition, using the Lean Design® methodology provides the proving grounds to determine whether a design is producible, affordable, and highly functional going forward into the production process. This methodology pulls resources from all teams and stakeholders, creating dialogue between all levels of manufacturing, finance, marketing as well as engineering so that known manufacturing and quality issues are dealt with early, while eliminating new and possibly hidden manufacturing pitfalls before they are encountered on the factory floor and in the market.

As much as Lean Design® is a tool for creating engineering excellence and elegance, it is also a risk management tool that allows companies to proactively drive down cost while increasing quality and having surety and confidence in new or existing product lines that are being (re)-engineered. Through its multiple redesign phases, Lean Design® is the world’s leading methodology and tool to consistently drive innovation and engineering excellence, often resulting in new patents. This is the key to creating on time and on budget programs.

The visual mapping and scoring of both raw and existing parts and processes allows the full team to visually inspect and challenge each progressively better design.

Munro & Associates also helps its customers realize these breakthroughs through a set of other tools from program management tools such as The Wall Process®, reverse engineering and tear down exercises, technology cross pollination, as well as advanced costing and Lean tools. At the heart of all these tools though, Lean Design® is the driving matrix.

Functional excellence and innovation are the hallmark of a Lean Design®.