Lean Design®

Reduce: Cost, Weight, Time, Labor, and Complexity

Increase: Quality, Profit, Speed To Market

Munro Product Design Upper Green Triangle

Product Design

Munro Product Design Upper Green Triangle

Lean Design® Methodology

The Lean Design® methodology is a concise set of principles and challenges that push the product development team to simplify their product to create the best design possible. This methodology pulls input from all stakeholders, creating a dialogue between manufacturing, finance, marketing, and engineering to eliminate problems in the design phase. This approach prevents manufacturing, cost, and quality issues later in production. Sandy Munro created the Lean Design® Methodology in the late 1980’s and it has be instrumental in saving Munro’s customers Billions of dollars.

Design Profit Software

Munro went further and created their Design Profit® software which encapsulates the Lean Design® methodology while providing a visual design tool to objectively evaluate, analyze, and compare designs. Comparing multiple designs against your specific criteria allows the product development team to make a business case for a new design.

Risk Management

Lean Design® is also a risk management tool. By reducing cost, time, and complexity in the design phase, you remove the usual pitfalls that threaten a company during a new product launch. Furthermore, you can accurately budget the upcoming phases leading to full launch, better configure your manufacturing, and avoid unnecessary surprises by proactively preventing them in the design.

Technology Transfer

Munro & Associates’ Product Development consultants not only employ the full suite of Lean Design® tools, but also bring to our customers a depth of experience in many diverse industries. This naturally imbues the customers’ design with ideas that might be foreign to them, such as applying automotive seat design to aircraft. This technology transfer brings a distinct edge to our customers resulting in market changing designs. Our customers have benefited from several new patents and market leading designs as a result of Munro’s innovating approach to product development.


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