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Munro Can Increase Your Product Value, Quality, and Profit.

What Can Munro Do For You?

Our three core services are new product development, costing, and benchmarking.  By combining all three, we give your team an holistic approach and viewpoint to designing your new product line: No questions regarding cost, reduce or eliminate waste in the design, and prevent costly manufacturing mistakes. 

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We Understand Your Industry

After 34+ years, Sandy Munro and his team have seen a lot.  Working in aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, medical devices, heavy industrial machinery, and the vast consumer product industries, there is not much Munro hasn’t been exposed to.  The more important takeaway is that we have consistently saved businesses money through our redesign services over that time.  

Teardown Titan

With over 40 years in the auto industry, Sandy Munro has been named, “The Teardown Titan” by the Society of Automotive Engineers.  

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Evolving How You Manufacture...

Since 1988, Munro & Associates has consistently saved companies billions of dollars spanning manufacturing industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, medical, heavy industries, consumer electronics, and many more. Munro & Associates has a proven track record of helping companies reduce “time to market,” R&D, engineering, and manufacturing costs while increasing the quality of our customers’ products, processes, and systems. As a result, our customers have realized higher profit margins and significantly increased market share and, in some cases, achieved market dominance.

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