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Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up

Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up Part 2

In the second installment of Sandy’s analysis of Tesla’s battery day discoveries, Sandy starts off by answering certain comments and questions from viewers and then goes into more detail about why he thinks the batteries will be a superior solution.  Sandy also reveals where the large casting came from in our last video – Invocast!

From there Sandy Goes back into history and starts talking about other projects that Munro has worked on where we have turned a corner in technology and improved a product or vehicle to the point where we changed the critic’s minds about what could be possible.

Sandy then moves into Munro’s future, working with several new electric vehicles in order to bring low cost and fun transportation solutions to the market, in the form of Arcimoto’s FUV, Aptera, and the Nobe Car.  We address issues like safety, but also cost, delivering to niche markets, and innovation in a burgeoning area of EVs.  Sandy also let’s his audience know that he is open to investors who want to be a part of the future of these vehicles, specifically the Nobe.

But perhaps most interesting of all… there is a surprise box at the end… what will it be???

Watch the full episode here:

Watch Sandy Make a Tesla Battery Mock-up and His Thoughts On Battery Day!

Sandy Munro Makes New Tesla Battery Mock Up

Watch Sandy Make a Tesla Battery Mock-up and His Thoughts On Battery Day!

Wow, for the Tesla fans out there (and the short sellers) you are going to find our latest video very interesting.  Inspired by the announcements made during Tesla Battery Day, Sandy takes some time out of his regular workday to create a mock-up of the newly proposed battery cells/packs to show just how much of a difference this new battery set up will be for Tesla vehicles.

If you want to find out early, some of Sandy’s predictions about how the new battery packs will be set up in the vehicle, cooled, create more power in a smaller space, and also add to the strength of the structure, then this video is your ticket to seeing some of Tesla secrets before they release them.

Then Sandy moves on to explaining the newly proposed body structure that will incorporate 2 Mega-castings (front and rear) with the battery packs creating the new center body and why this move is such a big deal in the automotive design realm.

Lastly, Sandy makes an impassioned plea to Tesla for… well you will just have to watch:

Round Table #1 with David Tracy of Jalopnik – Bronco vs. Wrangler

Round Table 1 Sandy Munro David Tracy of Jalopnik Bronco vs Wrangler

Round Table #1 with David Tracy of Jalopnik – Bronco vs. Wrangler

In Munro’s first podcast style episode of Round Table with Sandy Munro and David Tracy of Jalopnik, hosted by Kevin Harty, a consultant at Munro, the group discusses the differences, plusses and minuses, of the Bronco and Wrangler.

Sandy goes into some personal history of his experiences with the two vehicles and insider stories from the OEM’s.  But the main meat of this interview comes in the format of dissecting these vehicles, feature by feature.

If you want to hear some great shop talk in this almost 2 hour podcast, click on this link and enjoy the raw talk goodness of Round Table #1:


Don’t Miss the Battery Day Expert Panel Featuring Sandy Munro On Autoline

Autoline Battery Day Expert Panel Sandy Munro John McElroy Bob Galyen

Battery Day Expert Panel Featuring Sandy Munro On Autoline

What did you think about Tesla’s Battery Day announcements?  Wonder what the experts think? Watch here as Autoline’s expert panel, featuring our own Sandy Munro, talk about all of the dramatic statements that Tesla made at their Battery Day reveal following their 2020 Annual Shareholders meeting.

Tesla released a plan that will be a multipronged attack at cost savings which they feel will result in a 57% reduction for Telsa.  But is that accurate?  Can Tesla really achieve this?

Find out by watching here:

Three-Wheeled EV – Introducing the Nobe Car

Nobe Car USA Munro & Associates

Three-Wheeled EV – Introducing the Nobe Car

Munro & Associates is proud to announce that they are working with the Nobe Car company on their new vehicle launch.  The Nobe Car is a modern classic design on a three-wheeled EV platform.  The original design comes from Estonia, now brought to the US, and all done within the short time span of a few years (compared with the usual decade or more found with new vehicle lines in other car or sport vehicle companies.

In this reveal video, Sandy Munro presents several aspects of the Nobe car in tandem with the President of Nobe Cars USA, Inc. Mati Otsmaa.  Munro will be working with Nobe to improve its design and make it easier to manufacture while saving costs in order to help bring this car to market even faster.

The Nobe car is electrically efficient while bringing style and nostalgia.  It can go 180 miles on one charge making it practical while having better handling than motorcycle in the snow (you have to see the video to believe it!)

Click here to watch the full interview:

What is in the box? Munro Reveals Its Newest Project

What is in the box NOBE MUNRO ASSOCIATES

What is in the box? Munro Reveals Its Newest Project

Exciting times at Munro & Associates today as we release our newest project – the Nobe car!  Over the coming weeks, we will be covering all of the interesting features of this beautiful little car and Sandy is pumped to not only analyze the existing vehicle but to show how we will improve the design through our time tested methodologies.

As this is just a teaser you will have to stay tuned to find out where this takes us, but in the meantime, please watch this unveiling vignette that in true unboxing video fashion is satisfying to watch:

Click here to watch the video:




The Octovalve: CT Scans from Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision Scan of the Octovalve

The Octovalve: CT Scans from Kinetic Vision

In Munro Live’s latest episode, Sandy reveals some amazing scans done by Kinetic Vision on the Octovalve.  In this video, you can see moving computer animations that show the internal workings of the Tesla Model Y Octovalvecolor in color-coded relief, making it easier to understand from the layperson’s perspective.

If you have ever had any questions about how the Octovalve functions, here is the best example of it in a well-narrated video with Sandy Munro.

To watch the full video, which is a must-see, follow this link:

Or better yet, if you are looking to see the full scans as well as all the other data you could possibly want about this marvel of fluid dynamics and thermal system efficiency, why not buy the report!  Follow this link to the Octovalve prospectus:

Mint Chosun Ilbo: Sandy Munro says Tesla is 8 Years Ahead 박하 조선 일보 : 샌디 먼로, 테슬라가 기술에서 8 년 이상 앞서있다

Chosun Ilbo Mint Sandy Munro 박하 조선 일보

Mint Chosun Ilbo: Sandy Munro says Tesla is 8 Years Ahead

Mint which is the Economic Business Section of Chosun Ilbo (the largest newspaper and online news source in Korea) recently did a video interview with Sandy Munro.  In this no-holds-barred interview, Sandy reveals several of the shocking finds that were uncovered about Tesla’s technological prowess in the Tesla Model Y.

The reporters were blown away at the honesty and depth that Sandy Munro went into when describing his favorite finds in the Model Y including the Megacasting, the batteries and motor, as well as the overall improvements that Tesla seems to keep making with every new design iteration of their vehicles.

Tesla is 5-10 years ahead in electronics, motors, and overall the general design of these cars vs any of their competitors.  Sandy is particularly impressed with the material science and metallurgical breakthroughs that Tesla has employed.  Some of the alloys on the steel and aluminum parts are unique and never seen before by Munro in their 32+ years of business.

Sandy says that the automotive world probably can’t catch up with Tesla because they have such a head start as well as continuing to rapidly apply new design changes in their vehicles.

Many of the new ideas Tesla comes up with are hidden in plain sight by Tesla as they don’t necessarily patent everything, therefore not bringing attention to their innovations that they wish for competitors to overlook.

To watch the video click here:

To read the original article in Korean, 한국어로 된 원문보기, follow this link:

New York Times: Munro Says the Mega Casting is Just Spectacular

Mega Casting New York Times Munro Live

New York Times: Munro Says the Mega Casting is Just Spectacular

As anyone who has followed Munro’s teardown of the Tesla Model Y knows, our team has found numerous improvements over the Model 3 we tore down previously as well as a bundle of great new surprises that delight the automotive engineer and EV enthusiast alike.

One of the biggest finds was the Mega Casting which is the largest aluminum casting that our team has ever seen in all it’s 32 years of existence.  What is even more interesting is the process that pulls this off.

The New York Times just recently did a great little feature on this part of the Model Y and gave homage to Munro siting Sandy as saying, “…it is just spectacular.”  The article goes on to talk about inside information revealed to the reporter from a source at the new Tesla plant in Germany, and how Tesla is taking a new tact by replacing several costly robots that can’t keep up with giant aluminum casting machines that will produce simpler chassis parts.

For the full article click here:



Does Tesla back Munro?

Does Tesla Back Munro?

Does Tesla back Munro?

In the latest Munro Live Video, Sandy talks about what will be coming up in future episodes.  Some of the things the audience can look forward to will be work we are doing with the Renault KWID as well as several prototype electric vehicles that you really don’t want to miss out on.

But let’s get down to the real question that many people seem to be asking recently… “Does Munro work for, or get paid by Tesla?”  The answer is an emphatic, “NO!”

Munro has worked with or analyzed most vehicles that have been brought to market over its 32 years of business from pretty much every automaker.  Munro has helped design, analyze, benchmark, or influenced electric vehicles going as far back as GM’s EV1. This being said, when Munro releases reports like the Telsa Model 3 or Y that are sold openly to anyone and are not paid for studies by an individual company for their R&D or product design departments, they are done on our own dollar and we give up all of the secrets that we find, the good and the bad, warts and all.

If a company pays for us to analyze or redesign a product, it is kept secret and you won’t hear about it for years if ever.  If we do a study like the Model Y, we do it on our own volition in order to sell it to a wide audience because we think it has a lot of properties or technology that the market will be interested in finding out.  It is as simple as that.

One thing Sandy Munro is not, is a shill for anyone!  What we found in the Model Y was truly impressive and beyond our initial expectations, for not only Tesla, but the EV industry in general.  Anyone that buys the report will understand once they see what we have found.  This is why we are warning the automotive market in general, that the bar has been raised and they have to get their sh*t together if they don’t want to be left in the dust.  If you are interested in buying the Model Y report, you can view the prospectus here:

To watch the full video on Munro Live YouTube, click here: