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Arcimoto’s FUV & Friends BIG REVEAL and Tesla Model S Plaid UPDATE

Arcimoto Roadster

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Cory recap their recent trip to the Arcimoto meet-up “FUV and Friends Showcase” in Oregon at the Portland International Raceway. Sandy and Cory, as well as our VP of Business Development Mike Oakes, got a chance to try out several of the vehicles, talk with owners and enthusiasts who shared what they like and how the vehicles could be improved, as well as meet with the Governor of Oregon – Kate Brown!

Sandy and Cory talk about several points they liked but Sandy wanted to bring special attention to the special leaning suspension from a company that Arcimoto acquired earlier this year called Tilting Motor Works. Sandy is blow away by how great this technology is, citing that Harley and others missed the boat by not adopting this technology earlier. In either case, this will be a great addition to the FUV and other vehicles’ performance capabilities as well as sheer fun!

Make sure you watch the full episode as their are some special reveals as well as an update on the Tesla Model S Paid that you won’t want to miss.

Click below to watch the full episode: