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Hyundai Kona EV Ride and Drive

Hyundai Kona EV Ride and Drive with Sandy Munro

In this episode of the Munro Live Hyundai Kona EV series, Sandy is back to give his honest review of the feel, ease of use, and drive experience of this vehicle.

Interesting side note, one of our associates found himself without the use of his ICE vehicle after breaking down, and so was allowed to borrow the Kona for the night. This was his first time driving an EV and as this calamity befell him at the end of the day, no one had the time to give him quick tutorial. But that didn’t matter one bit. The car was intuitive and easy to figure out and more importantly, impressed him so much he is considering buying one.

Sandy steps into the Kona and comes up with his first critique which is he implores all car makers to adopt the “no door handle design” as found on the Ford Mach-E. Sandy also remarks on the proliferation of buttons on the IP that seem to fulfil redundant roles. Sandy reminds the viewers that adding a button results in about a dollar of cost per vehicle, give or take, when considering total accounted cost (engineering, tooling, labor, part cost, testing, etc.). When you also have a screen that performs all of those functions, the redundancy is just not needed and only adds expense. That being said, Sandy has no problem navigating through the screens and finds the system easy to use.

After some time playing around with Coast Energy Regeneration settings in the Hyundai Kona EV, Sandy is off on his drive. Sandy likes the feel of the steering wheel and in general the comfort of the car. On the highway, Sandy plays around with driver assist and takes the vehicle down the same sweeping curve that the Ford Mach-E had issues with. The Hyundai Kona EV however took the curve perfectly without Sandy’s helping hands and that is impressive to him.

Sandy finishes up the episode going through point by point that features he likes and doesn’t, but to hear what he has to say, you have to watch the video by clicking below:


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