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The State of EV’s and Solid State Batteries on Canada Talks Electric Cars

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada Ep 14 Sandy Munro Talks State of EVs and Solid State Batteries

In this exciting new show, Sandy presents to the audience of Canada Talks Electric Cars hosted and created by Tim Burrows of the EV Society in Canada.

Although one of the most interesting things that Sandy covers in this webinar is, of course, solid state batteries, including potential capabilities, trade-offs with other battery technologies, and how close we are to getting these in vehicles including a company that is close, but Sandy goes far beyond just this topic including other bleeding edge technologies for EVs.

In this webinar you will find predictions for where Sandy sees the EV market from now until 2028, the state of the I.C.E. vehicle market and where they will stand in the future, Tesla and it 4680 batteries, China roll in the coming EV market, ADAS, Teledyne FLIR, mega-casting body designs, hydrogen fuel cells, plasma kinetics, and a great Canadian startup – Springpower. This webinar is jam-packed with information, data, charts, technology reveals, and exciting new concepts. If you are an EV enthusiast, you don’t want to miss out!

Click on the link below to watch the full webinar:

Sandy Has A Sit-Down Talk with Jagdeep Singh

Sandy Munro has an indepth talk with Jagdeep Singh from Quantum Scape

Sandy Has A Sit-Down Talk with Jagdeep Singh

In this long format podcast style video, Sandy Munro gets a chance to have a an in-depth talk about not only Quantum Scape’s battery technology but also Jagdeep’s past.

This is a fascinating interview with a dense amount of information – especially if you are a battery enthusiast and is interested in the Quantum Scape battery and its ability to prevent dendrites.

Here is the breakdown with timestamps of the conversation:

0:00 – Intros and Jagdeep’s Background

1:56 – Solid-State Battery

3:58 – Solid-State Separator

9:22 – Separator Material

12:48 – Jagdeep’s Response to Criticisms of QuantumScape

17:35 – OEM involvement

26:26 – QuantumScape’s Status as a Company

35:35 – Partnership with VW

41:27 – QuantumScape’s Competitors and Challenges

59:40 – Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Watch below for a riveting interview: