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Tesla Giga-Berlin Review with Sandy & Cory

Tesla Giga Berlin Review Sandy Munro

In today’s long format episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Cory sit and discuss what they know about the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory.

We remind the audience that we get our information from public sources and other YouTubers we are friends with, but we have not had a chance to actually go through the factory ourselves. We haven’t been invited to any of these kinds of events and moreover, we wouldn’t go if it were on someone else’s dime, as we never want to be indebted to anyone or feel like we owe anyone anything.

This is quite a long video but it captures many of the key questions and observations that have been posed to us by viewers.

In this episode we talk about how Volkswagen is bewildered that Tesla can pump out a car in 10 hours vs the 30 hours it takes them. We are sure that more car manufacturers feel the same way. Elon Musk has created a superior system in both the China plant as well as the new Berlin plant that is not rivaled by any equivalent car manufacturing facility that we have seen.

This episode on the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory pulls on pictures and insights from Inside EVs and David Lee on Investing. That being said we give our unbiased impressions on the layout of the building, the speed at which is operates, what innovations we can see in the plant, how it compares to other facilities that we have seen, the robotics and the batter productions.

Don’t miss out on this very informative video for a deep look at what we think about the Tesla Giga-Berlin factory as well as our predictions on where we see its success compared to others for years to come.

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Sandy’s Rant: Tesla AI Day + NHTSA & Congress

Sandy shames NHTSA and Congress for investigating Tesla

In this very heated episode, Sandy delivers a impassioned speech about his thoughts regarding the investigation on Tesla’s advanced driver-assistance systems, also known as Autopilot, by NHTSA which has been spurned on by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

Sandy is not one to mince words and this videos showcases exactly how much disdain he has for anyone, whether government or not, who impedes progress and technology – especially when the reasoning is flawed or misleading.

Watch as Sandy shreds detractors of Tesla’s autopilot or their battery safety. A sobering, but also entertaining watch:

A Detailed Comparison of the Mach-E Thermal System to the Tesla Model Y

Comparing the Mach-E Thermal System To the Tesla Model Y

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy takes a step back and has Cory Steuben and Ben Lindamood take the audience through a detailed comparison of the Tesla Model Y Thermal System components and the corresponding components on the Ford Mach-E

As Cory points out, the location of the components is very important when it comes to efficiency and cost. Many of the components of the Tesla Model are grouped fairly tightly giving it a smaller footprint in the vehicle. When Ben dumps out all of the hoses for the Mach-E and compares them to the Tesla Model Y, it is overwhelming! There is 35 different hoses on the Mach-E which is a very large number comparatively to what it found on Tesla Model Y (10) or even some of the other EVs we have looked at.

The team goes on to compare the pumps, valves bottles, chillers, eletronics and more. Don’t miss this episode if you are enthusiastic about understanding the thermal systems of these vehicles.

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Sandy Munro Sits Down With David Lee On Tesla Disrupting the Auto Industry

David Lee On Investing With Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro Sits Down With David Lee On Tesla Disrupting the Auto Industry

In this episode of David Lee On Investing, Sandy has a chance to talk in-depth on his experiences with Tesla and Elon Musk in particular.

The Interview starts off by talking about how Sandy and Cory got a chance to speak directly with Elon Musk at SpaceX in Boca Chica Texas.  Sandy explains the process behind getting the interview as well as the ensuing design review that Sandy was asked to participate in talking about improvements on to be made on the rockets at SpaceX.

The interview covers Sandy’s impressions on Tesla, Elon, the direction of the automotive industry, especially electric vehicles as well as some surprises that may come up.

Check out this great interview by clicking below:

Sandy Talks About Recent Autonomous Drive Tesla Crash on TMZ

Sandy Munro Talks Tesla Autopilot Crash on TMZ

Sandy Talks About Recent Autonomous Drive Tesla Crash on TMZ

TMZ reaches out to Sandy Munro to get his opinion on the recent fatal crash of Tesla where there was no one in the driver seat and the user had put the car on autopilot.

The interview starts off with the interviewers asking Sandy if Tesla is in fact using it’s owners and the general public as guinea pigs for testing out their new Autonomous Driving software.  Sandy rebuts that even the medical industry uses guinea pigs for testing any more and he would distance himself from any correlation between Tesla’s autopilot technology and a human testing scenario.

Sandy instead says that with the rate of improvements in the software and it’s overall efficacy, the move to continue to evolve and use this technology is paramount in creating safer roads and driving experiences in general.  With Tesla’s autopilot being 8 times safer than the average driver and only being on the market for a few years, Sandy believes it would be absolutely criminal to stop the progression and normalization of this technology in the market.

To watch the TMZ clip of Sandy talking, click on the link below:


Elon Musk Interview: with Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro Talks in Person with Elon Musk

Elon Musk Interview: with Sandy Munro

Well… this is the video that maybe you all have been waiting for – Sandy Munro gets a chance to sit down directly, face-to-face to have a talk with Elon Musk himself!

Sandy Munro’s chat with Elon Musk at Boca Chica Texas, covers: Tesla production, mega-castings, Model 3 Seats, structural battery packs, MBA’s, short-Sellers and more!

If you are a Tesla Fan, you DO NOT want to miss watching this video!  Click below now:


2021 Tesla Model 3: E2 – Hoist Review & Some Cost Savings

Sandy Munro Tesla 3 Hoist Review 2021

2021 Tesla Model 3: E2 – Hoist Review & Some Cost Savings

In the second episode of Munro’s new analysis of the Tesla Model 3, Sandy walks us through a hoist review of the vehicle.

First, Sandy addresses a somewhat hidden front access cover under the car that (we think) might be for the euro towing package because you can access the internal front bumper from there.  Why this would appear on a US model, however, is puzzling to Sandy as this would add cost to the vehicle.  That being said, Sandy is very impressed with the snap fits that he finds.  The precision of the snap fits is excellent, leading Sandy to further ponder why the rest of the fit and finish gaps exist on the doors and rear trunk/lights talked about in the last episode.

Next Sandy addresses some of the conspiracies, or at the very least, accusatory comments that we have been getting regarding missing nuts on the upper and lower control arms and the like.  Sandy, however, doesn’t find anything out of sorts on the car like this and, to the contrary, praises Tesla’s suspension.

He goes on to reveal some parts that Tesla has decided to eliminate which, as the man who invented the Lean Design® methodology, Sandy is all too happy to find – discussing the cost savings of these design changes.  But to learn what he found as he crunches the numbers… well you are just going to have to watch the video by Clicking on the link below:


Munro Gets a New Tesla Model 3 to Analyze!

Sandy first look at the new Tesla Model 3

Munro Gets a New Tesla Model 3 to Analyze!

Surprise!  We listened to what you wanted to see next and the vote’s in… so you get another look into the new and improved Tesla Model 3.

While we haven’t started tearing it apart just yet, in this video Sandy gives his first impressions on the vehicle.  Unfortunately, Sandy’s first finding regarding the fit and finish is still, well… unfavorable.  Uneven gaps still abound on the outside, but Sandy is impressed with the paint job and the interiors.

Sandy goes on to talk about where we will go with the car from here.  But spoiler alert, Sandy is planning to take it on a road trip first before the teardown, so stay tuned to watch how this all progresses.

Industry Week 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021

Industry Week 7 Developments Edit

Industry Week 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021

Sandy Munro get featured in the Industry Week article “Back to the Future: 7 Developments Shaping Automotive in 2021 and Beyond” by Laura Putre. On page three of this seven slide article entitled, “Battery Battles Heating Up”, we see the familiar picture of Sandy Munro working on and explaining his mock up of the battery bay system using example replica’s of the new Tesla 4680 batteries.

The article goes on to explain why everyone is watching Tesla’s developments with both awe and fear and why Sandy thinks that the legacy automakers are going to have a hard time catching up.  It’s a great article for some sobering statistics on Tesla’s new batteries as well as where the legacy automakers stand.

To read the full article, click here:



Sandy Reveals to Sean Mitchell What The Auto industry Isn’t Telling You About Tesla

Sandy Munro Reveals to Sean Mitchell Auto Industry Secrets

Sandy Reveals to Sean Mitchell What The Auto industry Isn’t Telling You About Tesla

In this absolutely riveting interview, Sandy Munro reveals several more secrets about Tesla’s plans not just on automobiles, but also Elon Musk’s other ventures.

From Sandy’s new found YouTube fame to some incredible battery information… including on the development of solid state batteries!!!

You do not want to miss this interview!!!