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Cory Steuben Speaks On Kettering Podcast “Horsepower to Hyperloops”


On July 14th, Cory Steuben, President of Munro & Associates and former graduate of Kettering University (ME 10) was interview by Tim Noonan, author of “GMI/Kettering University at 100,” on the podcast, “Horsepower to Hyperloops.”

Cory talks about his rise from a Co-op student to President of Munro & Associates, starting the popular Munro Live YouTube channel, and his adventures traveling in a Tesla Model 3 with our CEO Sandy Munro to go and meet with Tesla enthusiasts and finally, the man himself, Elon Musk in Boca Chica Texas at SpaceX.

Although the podcast isn’t up yet, it should be soon on Kettering’s official website. Check out this link to see the podcast when it comes out as well as other great previous episodes.

Does The Mach-E Pass The SORB Test?

Does the Mach-E pass the SORB test Sandy Munro

Does The Mach-E Pass The SORB Test?

In this episode of the Mach-E teardown, Sandy and Ben first examine the air-intake for the HVAC and the battery management cooling system.  Sandy discusses the design choices that the Ford team made and why are good, allowing the Mach-E to make space to have a frunk.

Sandy goes on to talk about the front facia of the car and design choices he likes that were made such as the snap fits for attaching the facia onto the vehicle frame. Sandy is particularly impressed with the snap fits found on the headlamps that help also to locate and align their position.

The topic then shifts to how Sandy and Ben feel about the design choices made on the body to withstand the SORB test (Small Overlap Rigid Barrier), where the car is run at a speed of 40 Mph towards a barrier that is at a 25% offset of the front side of the vehicle to simulate a collision with a roadside barrier.  There are many design choices that Sandy is happy with that add safety and perform well.

Then Sandy and Ben move on to the side of front fender area where the discuss some re-design choices that Ford could make to save both money and weight to the vehicle, but to hear about those, you have to watch the video:



2021 Polestar 2: Ep2 – Sandy Looks Under The Hood

Polstar 2 Sandy Munro Ep 2 under the hood

2021 Polestar 2: Ep2 – Sandy Looks Under The Hood

In the second episode on the 2021 Polestar 2, Sandy has a look under the “bonnet” of the car to have a look at the fuse box.  In the Polestar you find a conventional fuse box build with replaceable fuses.   Sandy compares this to the Tesla vehicles that instead has fuses that can be turned back OTA (over-the-air program).

Sandy goes on to discuss the pluses and minuses of having a double latch for the hood and how that can affect space for the cooling module.  Upon further exploration, Sandy finds one of his favorite fasteners, especially because it came out of one of Sandy’s Lean Design workshops year ago.  Beyond that though, this fastener is strong, versatile, and can be removed and put back on indefinitely.

Sandy goes on to explain why the hood is shaped the way that it is for collisions and finds another one of his favorite fasteners the self-piercing rivet.

Sandy points out other things that he likes under the hood, but for that you will have to watch the video below:

Wrap Up On the Mustang Mach-E With Sean Mitchell Ep 6

Mustang Mach E Sandy Munro Sean Mitchell Ep 6

Wrap Up On the Mustang Mach-E With Sean Mitchell Ep 6

In this last episode of Munro’s overview look at the Mustang Mach-E, Sandy talks with Sean Mithell and discusses a myriad of topics.

Topics discussed range from styling, the frunk, performance, cost, safety, you name it!  Sandy and Sean also discuss Ford’s transition to the EV market, how they will stand up as a competitor, things they did right and wrong and so much more.

This is a long-format interview/episode so buckle up, get some popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

The Legacy Of The EV1 – From Creation To Destruction

Automotive News GM EV1 Sandy Munro

The Legacy Of The EV1 – From Creation To Destruction

Automotive News recently released a great article and reflection video testament to the now extinct EV1 by GM.  In this video and article, Automotive News covers its advocates and detractors, its innovations for the time, and hints to its demise.  This comes on the heels of the 25th anniversary of the car’s creation.

For those of you that are unaware, Sandy Munro had a hand in the EV1’s creation, working with GM on the project.  Sandy laments, “That was a pivotal point that GM could have basically dominated this market completely… no one else was thinking about this… there never would have been a Tesla.”

“I think that the EV1 was the best project I ever worked on,” says Sandy, which is a big statement coming from a man that has worked on some of the most profitable and innovative automotive platforms that have existed.

To watch the video and to read the whole article, click on the link below:

Packed with pioneering technologies, the head-turning General Motors EV1 revealed the benefits and shortcomings of the modern electric vehicle 25 years ago. (

Sandy Does a Tech Review of the Faraday FF91

Faraday FF91 zero gravity seats

Sandy Does a Tech Review of the Faraday FF91

In this episode, Sandy brings the viewers on a walkthrough of several systems in the Faraday FF91, including the dual rear motor system, immersion-cooled 2170 Cells, and the parallel IGBT Inverter.  Sandy gets technical and outlines why some of the decisions to make their systems the way they are were chosen and more importantly why they are good decisions.

Sandy the shows the viewers the interiors of the car and talks about it’s unique and luxurious design which Sandy is impressed by.  Sandy’s favorite aspects of the car though, are the zero gravity seats that allow you to work with ease and room and even fully recline in the back.

If you are interested in Faraday, this is a must-watch.  Click below to watch the episode:

2021 Tesla Model 3: E3 – Sandy Learns How to Close Frunk / Ride & Drive

Sandy VS Frunk on Tesla M3

2021 Tesla Model 3: E3 – Sandy Learns How to Close Frunk / Ride & Drive

In episode 3 of Munro’s analysis of the new Tesla Model 3, Sandy examines the “Frunk” as well as gives some preliminary perspective on the ride and drive experience.

So… you have the frunk vs. Sandy for a good couple of minutes without any satisfactory resolution.  This is one aspect of the Tesla 3 that Sandy absolutely hates.  It doesn’t lock closed consistently and this is purely an engineering flaw and not a manufacturing error, which are the kinds of failures that Sandy absolutely detests the most.  Problems like this shouldn’t exist because they should be eliminated in the design or redesign phase.  Although having the frunk is a great idea and use of space, not having a consistently locking cover is not only annoying but will maybe also lead to some weather damaging the items you place in that compartment.

Moving on though, once Sandy begins to drive the car, he is happy with the experience.  Even on a usually rough road, such as the industrial road that Munro & Associates is located on, the car gives a very comfortable experience.  Sandy goes on to remark about wind noise and the upgrade in the windows.  Sandy goes on to remark the smoothness of acceleration and the overall feel that reminds him of a racecar/luxury car.

At the end we get a little story about Mercury cars, but you will have to watch to find out.  Click below to watch:


The Bricklin 3EV – Malcolm Bricklin Interview Part 1

Sandy Munro and Malcom Bricklin Part 1

The Bricklin 3EV – Malcolm Bricklin Interview Part 1

Sandy Munro and Malcolm Bricklin go head to head and talk about the upcoming Visionary Vehicles product the Bricklin 3EV.

Malcolm talks about how he went from a car design, distilled it down to a bicycle, and then came back up to a three-wheeler.  This includes getting Dan Panoz to design a car that is esthetically beautiful like a Lamborghini yet safe and affordable.

From Visionary Vehicles business model, to safety, and production information – including that the car will be assembled by veterans, this is an episode that you do not want to miss.  Click here to watch the full video:



What’s Sandy Throwing Off the Roof and Why?

Sandy Munro Grill Dogs

What’s Sandy Throwing Off the Roof and Why?

“All right ramblers, let’s get ramblin!”  In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy starts things off with a crash and a bang by throwing things off the roof… “What did you say?”, yes that’s right – in this fun take off of Reservoir Dogs put together by Munro’s own Tylor Schlink, Sandy is throwing a customer’s products off the 30 foot roof of Munro & Associates.

Is Sandy “Mr. Green”, a heretofore unmentioned character in Quintin Tarantino’s classic?  Chicken Little is the sky falling? No.  But there is an interesting reason for this… you will have to watch the video to find out!

Click here to watch the video:

Also, unlike “Mr. Pink”, Sandy always tips and is still encouraging you to do the same to your cashiers for all their hard work during the pandemic.