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Sandy Goes For a Drive Using Ford’s BlueCruise Technology

Sandy tries out Ford Mach-E trying out it's BlueCruise hands-free driver assist technology

In today’s episode of Munro Live, Sandy takes a cruze in the Ford Mach-E trying out it’s BlueCruise hands-free driver assist technology, which allows the driver to navigate 130,000 miles of pre-qualified highways throughout the country. This is Ford’s first move into truly autonomous driving where the driver isn’t required to keep their hands on the wheel unlike FSD or Autopilot.

Sandy is accompanied on this trek with Chris Billman, Chief Engineer of Ford Driver Assist Technologies, who gives an explanation of all of the benefits and features of this capability.

If you want to know all of what this technology can do and to see Sandy’s reaction to this awesome technology, click below to watch the video:

Mach-E High Voltage Connector PALOOZA!!!

In this episode of Munro Live Cory and Sandy introduce and explain to the audience the different electrical connectors used in the vehicle and more importantly the different fasteners.

There are four different fasteners of different sizes and screw head types found throughout the different fastener styles. Sandy goes on to explain why this creates issues from the assembly operator’s perspective and why you should eliminate this in a lean design.

From the DC to DC converter, to the PTC Heater, HVAC Compressor, and so on, Cory walks the viewers through the different devices found within the vehicle and what connectors you will find on them. Sandy then compares these connectors to what is found on the ID.4 and gives high praise for what the design team at Volks Wagen came up with. Sandy is much more impressed with the continuity and simplicity of the connector set on the ID.4. However, he still doesn’t like that there are too many fasteners on VW’s design as well.

Sandy then moves to the Tesla Model Y and compares it’s connector designs to the Mach-E and ID.4 showing how much more simplified their design is compared to the competition.

Sandy takes some time to explain why it is so important to reduce the variety of threaded fasteners and moreover, why to reduce the amount used as much as possible and what kind of difference that will make to a company’s bottom line as well as time savings for the operators assembling these parts.

Delving into the past and “back-to-the-basics” Sandy covers ideas long espoused by Dr. Edward Demming and Eliyahu M. Goldratt in the book “The Goal” as well as others. For an aspiring engineering, this episode is a no-nonsense and to-the-point lesson in why having a lean design is key to good product development.

Click below to watch the full lesson below:

First look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Battery

First look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Battery

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Ben have a look at the electric battery setup in the Mustang Mach-E. The episode begins with Sandy and Ben looking at the underbelly of the vehicle after the battery tray has been removed. The battery tray is bolted in place under the vehicle into a rocker panel that combines together to create a structural member. This is a good design choice for the vehicle.

Going forward to the front of the car, Ben explains why the battery box also fits into an extruded aluminum piece that is also attached to a hollow cast aluminum piece behind the front craddle in order to create a crush zone, protecting the battery in a front collision.

Sandy and ben then go on to explain the connectors going to the battery and what they are for and finally they talk about the structural aspects of the battery box itself.

From there Sandy and Ben go through a chart comparing different electric vehicles batteries ranges, capacity and weights. Sandy puts out a special plea to help Audi with some of their designs that we think could be improved… for a cost of course, but to understand why, you will have to watch the video by clicking below:

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of How Seat Works in the Mach-E

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of the Mach-E Seats

Sandy Does a Walkthrough of How Seat Works in the Mach-E

Sandy takes us on a walkthrough of what you can expect to find in a seat, in particular, one of the Mach-E seats.

From hog rings to the controls of a 6-way seat with 2 lumbar controls (or an 8-way seat if you are Ford), the viewer will learn the basics of what is inside a seat, how seats are assembled, and the controls and structures.

For the full video click below:

Sandy and Ben Analyze the Rear Interior of the Mach-E

Sandy and Ben Analyze the Rear Interior of the Mach-E

Sandy and Ben Analyze the Rear Interior of the Mach-E

In this episode, Sandy and Ben remove the back seat of the Mach-E and have a look through the rear interior.

Sandy points out some interesting finds when taking apart some of the rear gate interior trim to see what is beneath.  Find out what happens when the interior designers and the sheet metal body designers don’t get along and why brackets are a crutch.

Sandy goes on to explain why he likes the hatch alignment feature in the rear clasp holding the hatch closed as well as several other interesting points including NVH and interior fitting solutions.  But for the full info, you gotta watch.  Click below:

What Is The Mystery Box? Mach-E Teardown

Mystery Box Ford Mach-E

What Is The Mystery Box? Mach-E Teardown

In this episode, Ben Lindamood from Munro explains what the mystery box marked “Do Not Drop” from the last video actually is.  It turns out it is “Offboard Charge Controller” which works with the DC fast charging systems in the car to directly charge the battery, but modulates the current to keep it between 200-600V.

The episode goes on to talk about taking off the doors and certain things that we found, including communication anomalies that Sandy hasn’t see before.  The shows winds itself up with Ben talking about the Infortainment system and interiors.  Watch here for the full episode:

Whoa! Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare!

Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare

Whoa! Mach-E Thermal System Nightmare!

In this dramatic episode of Munro Live, feel the fear of Sandy as he is shocked with what he finds in the Ford Mach-E Thermal System.  After a brief faint and being revived by the Octovalve, Sandy uncovers a winding snake pit mess of hoses and pumps that we are sure to confuse mechanic and assembly worker alike.  Most likely in an attempt to save money by using off the shelf parts, this is by far one of the worst cooling designs we have seen at Munro.

This video attempts to describe the complex path that this cooling system takes.  Warning this video is not for the faint of heart.  To watch it in all it’s hilarity, click below: