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Sandy Munro on All Things EV with Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell interviews Sandy Munro on his Tesla Model Y teardown show

Sandy Munro on All Things EV with Sean Mitchell

Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro recently joined Sean Mitchel of All Things EV to discuss Munro’s recent teardown of the Tesla Model Y Performance.

In the episode, Sean and Sandy cover a number of topics from Model Y paint issues and the Octovalve, to wiring and Model 3 and Model Y comparisons, and Sandy shares his thoughts on what he says is the best EV Tesla makes.

Answering Sean’s questions, Sandy walks viewers through some of the negatives and positives he discovered while tearing down the Model Y, but overall speaks very highly of the vehicle stating: “I never recommended the Model 3 to anybody, but I’ve already recommended the Model Y to a dozen people.” And later adds: “I haven’t recommended any electric car up until the Y.”

With this final question, Sean asks Sandy what the next EV will be that Munro will purchase and teardown, but Sandy wants to know what the viewers might like to see next and Munro will work to make something happen. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on the video or you can contact Munro here.

To conclude, Sandy shares how viewers can purchase parts of the Model Y or Model 3 Munro has listed for sale on the Munro Live website.

You can view the whole video here.

Lastly, are you interested in getting a deeper look at all of the secrets of the Model Y?  Want to know how the leading EV motors stack up against each other?

Get the prospectus for these reports now:

Tesla Model Y

10 Electric Motor Report

Munro Compares the 10 Leading EV Motors

Munro 10 Electric Motor Study

Ever wondered how the different electric motors stack up against each other in the EV world?  Wait no longer! The analysis of Munro & Associates’ side-by-side motor comparison is complete and the 437-page report is now available for purchase: https://bit.ly/3aq7nsC. This report is highly advantageous for OEMs or suppliers looking to effectively expand and compete in new EV markets.

The report benchmarks and compares 10 motors, which include the: Tesla Model 3 front and rear motors; BMW i3; Chevrolet Bolt; Jaguar I-PACE; Nissan Leaf; Audi e-tron front and rear motors; Chevrolet Volt; and Toyota Prius.

The report is available for $39,000* USD and provides the following:

  • Side-by-side motor comparison for torque, power ratings, motor types, application, part count, cost and weight;
  • A dedicated report for each motor that provides detailed dimensional data, including dimensions and weights, discreet part dimensions (i.e. laminate thicknesses and counts), gauss values of magnets; pole counts and magnet configurations;
  • Complete technical cost analysis of each motor, including the stator, rotor, rotor shaft and resolver target wheel (excludes motor housings, gear train and controls); and
  • Appendix with supplemental technical performance data and material chemical analysis.

When purchased, the report and accompanying deliverables will be made available for easy access through a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.

Questions? No problem! Check with a Munro representative by emailing sales@leandesign.com.

Contact Munro today to find out more!