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Q&A with Sandy Munro

Question and Answer with Sandy Munro October 18 2021

In today’s episode of Munro Live, we take questions submitted from viewers and have them answered in this Q&A with Sandy Munro.

We get a deluge of questions from our viewers on a regular basis covering the gamut from technology to Sandy’s personal stories, to financial and market direction. Even sometimes questions which we are not going to feature here including perpetual motion machines… sorry guys and gals, doesn’t exist.

That being said we get a lot of great questions that are asked with certain frequency and we thought we would address those first.

Q&A with Sandy Munro Topics covered:

  • What Chinese Car companies have a shot at competing with Tesla?
  • Is Xpeng stealing or innovating?
  • What do you consider your greatest achievement in your career is so far?
  • Besides the Plaid, which car are you most excited to review in 2022?
  • Do auto-manufacturers have a chance without using tesla AI?
  • What are some features you would like to see in a Tesla Van?
  • Is Tesla’s biggest advantage their manufacturing? VW produces car in 30 hours vs Tesla in 10.
  • What year do you think Europe will reach 50% EV?
  • What was the biggest automotive error or recall you have witnessed or been a part of?
  • How would you compare build quality of cars built back in the day, vs today?
  • What is the best way to scale up from prototype to volume production while keeping cost down and quality under control?
  • How did Sandy start his career and what advice would he give to kids going into engineering?

In conclusion, this is a great episode for finding out how Sandy views both the future of EV and his past. There are several great stories and anecdotes from Sandy’s origin story in this episode – worth listening to.

Don’t miss this Q&A with Sandy Munro. Click on the link below:

Sandy Holds A Question and Answer Session On Munro Live

Sandy Q and A June 3 2021

Sandy Holds A Question and Answer Session On Munro Live

Sandy does a Q&A session covering all sorts of questions that the viewers have come up with over the course of the last several months.

From Sandy’s past at Ford and notable projects he worked on, to SpaceX, our Mach-E teardown, the F150 Lightning, and much more there are several interesting tangents that Sandy will go on.  Click on the link below to hear Sandy answer your most pressing questions: