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Model Y Series: Episode 26: Reviews the Tow Package, Mega Castings & More

Model Y E26 Tow Package, Mega Castings Revisited, Weld Splash, Hunt for the Teslaract Cube 2

Welcome back to episode 26 of Munro’s Tesla Model Y Performance teardown, where Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro reviews the tow package, mega castings, a not so great looking weld and hunts for the second “Teslaract” cube.

Starting off the episode, Sandy shows the connections for the trailer package, a new feature on the Model Y. This is good news for those who may want to add the option to tow later on with the connections already there.

Next, Sandy dives into a walk-through of the underside of the mega castings, sharing many of the characteristics and advantages. He also takes a look at extruded aluminum side-impact provisions in the sill, potential mounting provisions for an air suspension reservoir, and finds some welding issues.

To end the segment, Sandy goes on a hunt behind the subwoofer to see whether or not there’s a second foam stuffer cube.

You can see if he finds a second foam stuffer cube, as well as the full details of this episode here.

Interested in more? Visit for full details about Munro’s Tesla Model Y discovery process. This site will offer regular insight from Sandy, interactive data and reports, and livestream from Munro’s headquarters.

As many viewers have expressed interest in purchasing parts from the Model Y, Munro has listed parts for sale on its support page. You can see what parts are available, including some from the Model 3 here.


Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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