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Common Bricks Turned Into Supercapacitors?

Brick Supercapacitor Darcy Research Lab

Common Bricks Turned Into Supercapacitors?

Scientists at the D’arcy Laboratory Department Of Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis have come up with a novel way to take a basic common red building brick and turn it into a supercapacitor by coating them with a special conductive polymer.

Converting a brick into a “smart brick” is possible because a red brick is, in and of itself, red because of the hematite that is within the brick used as a red pigment.  When the brick is solidified by heating, it becomes microporous which is a perfect structure for depositing PEDOT – poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofibers through another controlled process called oxidative radical polymerization.

Once this is achieved, the transformation is complete and “voila!” you have a relatively cheap and accessible supercapacitor.

To read the full article click on this link:


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