Model Y Series: Episode 19: PDC and ADAS Product Design Analysis

Episode 19: PDC and ADAS Product Design Analysis

Welcome back to episode 19 of Munro’s Tesla Model Y Performance teardown, where Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro provides an overview of the Model Y’s Power Distribution Center (PDC) and the dash-mounted, thermally regulated Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Let’s get to it!

Sandy starts with the PDC. Like the Model 3, the Model Y’s PDC is in the center, which shortens the heavy wires needed as well as makes is simpler for build. Further, without fuses, the PDC is self-curing with software. Sandy also explains why the PDC is necessary for EVs and what functions it serves.

He then looks at the ADAS – or the “magic box” per Sandy – that is now in its third hardware iteration from Tesla. Sandy provides some initial insight about the camera, HDMI, USBC and Ethernet connectors, as well as the location and function of the ADAS coolant. Overall, the ADAS arrangement – that is unique to Tesla – is impressive per Sandy.

You can see the full details about Sandy’s PDC and ADAS analysis here.

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