Munro & Associates Discuss Elon Musk’s Big Advantage

It’s commonly agreed that Tesla’s batteries hold a solid lead in range. Repeatedly, Tesla’s vehicles have proven to offer superior range over its rivals.

So how does Elon Musk achieve this big advantage?

According to Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro and Senior Lead Design Consultant Mark Ellis, it “has a lot to do with Tesla’s all-electric platform and the company’s proprietary battery tech.” According to this Teslarati article, Tesla is only 16 years old, and thus, it only has a fraction of the experience that its rivals in the auto market have. Yet in the EV segment, Tesla is among the veterans, having worked solely on electric cars since Day One.

Further, according to Ellis, “One of Elon Musk’s big advantages is, basically, that the vehicle is designed to be an electric car. Musk designed every aspect of this car to be as efficient as possible.”

For more on Tesla’s range advantage, as well as the “secret sauce for its vehicles,” check out the full Teslarati article here: