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Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

Arcimoto Stock Still Has Plenty More to Climb

According to John Whitefoot at Profit Confidential, Arcimoto’s climb is only just beginning.  2020 saw Arcimotos stock climb from the mid $2 range to well over $7 and it’s not done yet.

The end of 2019 was very important for Arcimoto, marking their transition into their first retail production. But even despite the setbacks of the COVID Pandemic, Arcimoto only closed from March to May and still wound up having a first-quarter revenue of $616,795, compared to $2645 in the prior-year period.

Arcimoto has gone on to raise 26.5 million from institutional investors in the last few months which has bolstered their stock even more.

Munro and Associates were contracted to work on Arcimoto’s FUV during this time to improve its design and manufacturability which garnered the notice of the investors.  As the next phase of analysis is beginning with Munro, other investment banks seem to be paying close attention to the progress.

Arcimoto has been recently featured in a few Munro videos such as this quick overview:

Other vlogger shows have also picked up this collaboration between Munro and Arcimoto, such as Galileo Russel’s Hyper Change where he flat out asks Arcimoto CEO, Mark Frohnmayer, how will Sandy Munro add value to Arcimoto?  Watch the clip here:

But for an analyst’s look at Arcimoto’s climb and potential future lies, read this informative article here:

Arcimoto Inc: Overlooked EV Stock Up 287% in 2020, Still Has Tremendous Upside

Want to know what kinds of technology Munro may be introducing to the Arcimoto?  Check out our Model Y report which showcases the leading EV technology.  This report has it in detail and no other car we have analyzed has this many technology leaps.  One of those leaps is the Octovalve and Thermal System which is such a unique technology that we created a separate report just on it.  Also, Munro has reports on 3 EV Inverters and a comparison of 10 of the leading EV motors and the Model 3.

If you are serious about competing in the new EV world, these reports are a must-have.  Don’t be left in the dust while your competitors reap the knowledge contained in these tomes.  Reports of this type don’t exist anywhere else in the market.  Contact for more information.


Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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