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Tips For Tesla E3 – Night Vision HUD & Wire Reduction

Tips For Tesla E3 - Night Vision HUD & Wire Reduction

Tips for Tesla E3 – Night Vision HUD & Wire Reduction

In this episode of Tips for Tesla, Sandy goes back in time to the year 2005 when Munro & Associates was working on a project called MI SATS (Michigan Small Aircraft Transportation System) that was also partnered with NASA to demonstrate several proof-of-concept technologies that could help advance the small aircraft industry to the point of creating semi-autonomous aircraft for personal travel.

First, Sandy talks about the HUD (Heads-UP Display) and the night-vision technologies that Munro worked on and was featured in the “Paradigm” aircraft that Munro designed.  Sandy believes that Tesla should seek to implement a visual enhancement for automobile drivers that could enhance a drivers perspective on the road while driving at night and perhaps prevent collisions due to low visibility, low light conditions, and/or “light-noise.”

After this, Sandy moves on to discuss wireless solutions for electrical communication within new Tesla vehicles in order to reduce the amount of wiring as Tesla promised.

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Al Steier and Munro mechanics standing around looking at the underbelly of the Tesla Model S Plaid
Under the hood of the Tesla Model S Plaid

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