Munro & Associates has a unique mix of formal technical credentials and hands-on practical skills, coupled with hundreds of combined years of experience that allows us to accurately cost on a wide range of product scopes – from full mechanical teardowns, to theoretical marketing analysis of new concepts in most manufacturing sectors.

When deciding on how best to serve its customers for costing needs, Munro’s dedicated team of professionals, considers a detailed range of variables including materials and material comparisons, process, machinery, tooling, labor, geography, competition, logistics and corporate philosophy from both a business and manufacturing perspective.

Over several years, Munro & Associates has developed a detailed, regularly updated, internal database on various cost items as well as a wide range of special costing tools including:

  • International labor and overhead database, maintained to allow the client operation to be modelled anywhere in the world.
  • Tooling database, with most recognized varieties of sheet metal, bulk metal, molds, plastic and composite based tooling requirements.
  • Extensive machinery database, allowing investment vs. process speed to be performed on any process.
  • Configured automotive system comparison tools to allow evaluation of competing configurations.
  • Metal vs. plastics tools for cost comparison at equivalent structure and performance.
  • Multi-composite materials process evaluation vs. metals at equal performance.
  • Plastics and metals compounded materials “should cost” tool based on components percentages.
  • PEM Stack fuel cell detail cost vs. materials and processes of construction.
  • Weight-save vs. material choice and cost tolerance.
  • Risk assessment and management of both material and process selection from design through end of life.

Munro’s intimate and detailed knowledge of the separate disciplines of manufacturing processes, machinery, tooling and product design engineering, structural analysis, performance, durability and testing requirements, coupled with materials engineering, allow us to evaluate alternate materials, processes, and architectures for product equivalence, and limitations.

Munro has a unique corporate resume that allows us to assemble an overwhelming array of in-house credentials, and deep specialty experience in the following disciplines:

  • Material science
  • Theoretical and applied mathematics
  • Encyclopedic collection of industrial processes, machinery, and facilities
  • Product, design and structural engineering
  • Advanced finance and accounting techniques
  • Product planning, risk and benefits programs and experience
  • Product research and development across many industries
  • A deep understanding of assembly and complexity assessments

With over 100,000 square feet of teardown benchmarking and reverse engineering space, Munro & Associates is well equipped to analyze customer’s and competitors products on a wide range of criteria. Conversely, Munro’s costing team can provide long distance/remote costing services to foreign customers, even over the phone or web conference.

Munro’s several decades of experience in various manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, etc. has allowed our team to analyze and cost on very exotic materials and processes including on the experimental and R&D level, which affords our staff with a breadth of knowledge not found elsewhere in the industry under one roof.