Moving Mountains

From elevators to commercial air conditioning units, hand tools to heavy mining machinery, Munro boasts a wealth of experience in the industrial equipment sector. Whether your company produces medium-run product lines down to one-run products, Munro has helped its industrial and heavy industry customers save significant money in new product design endeavors.


As the number of heavy industrial vehicle producers are narrowing down across the globe, design, cost and competitive benchmarking is becoming a staple. In over 34 years, no job has been too big or tough for our reverse engineering and benchmarking teams to handle.

Industrial Vehicles

Munro has worked on several successful redesign projects for earth moving equipment and vehicles, mining equipment and vehicles, and farming vehicles, saving millions of dollars. 

Design Advantages

Using our industry leading tools, such as Lean Design® and Design Profit®, Munro consistently reduces cost, weight, complexity, and quickens time to market. Combining our industry varied experience with your own team and using technology transfer that evaluates materials and new processes, our customers regularly achieve innovation in a tough industry.

“We have implemented Lean Design® for significant cost improvements without degrading any of the design intent!”

Earl Ramlow, Manager, Engineering Systems, Oldenburg Group

Industrial Customers

DICKEY-john, John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, CNH, FMC, Grove Crane, JCB, Yanmar, Oil, Baker Oil Tools, General Electric, Ingersoll-Rand, ADIC, Advance Transformer, A.O. Smith, Ballard, Beacon Power Corp, Bowe Bell & Howell, Carrier Air Conditioners, Cymer, Dresser, Dupont, ElectroCom, Fluid Management, Graco, Ingersoll-Rand, International Fuel Cell, Jervis Webb, Muncie Power Products, National Cranes, Norcold, Nordyne, NTC Products, Oldenberg, Otis Elevators, Samsung, Spectra Precision, Stihl, Syspal, ThermoKing, Trane, TSI, Von Duprin, Wagner Spray Tech, Wallace & Tiernan, and Xomox.

How Can Munro Help You?

The Munro Team is here to help you take the next leap forward. Whether, product design, benchmarking, or costing, Munro can propel your team to the next level.