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Munro & Associates has worked with many top Medical device manufacturers and medical service companies over the last few decades, such as Abbott Labs, Alaris Medical Systems, Cardinal Health, Cobe Cardiovascular, Dynacom, Ethicon Endosurgery, Guidant, Medtronics, Rela, and Respironics, among others.

Medical Devices

Munro helps it’s medical customers with a variety of design and benchmarking services. Whether creating new products that expand and evolve the industry, to redesigning 510(k) exempt devices already in the market, Munro can help your team to achieve significant cost savings and eradicate poor quality drivers.

“The ND-8000 development exceeded all of our goals. Thanks to Munro we are delivering a product with great customer delight and higher profitability.”

Charles Robertson, President, NanoDrop Technologies, LLC

Medical Manufacturing

Munro, regularly helps it’s customers identify and execute process improvements on the manufacturing floor that go beyond cGMP to help companies move beyond traditional ways of thinking, to revolutionize plant designs that reduce man power time and increased quality that are effortless and succinct.

“Design Profit® allows us to manage execution and obtain results by harnessing the power of an engineer’s improvement instincts and intuition using a logical set of rules and procedures that encompass the Lean Manufacturing practice. It’s nice having these value added tools in one nice, neat, and clean package that delivers results to all organizational levels.”

Nicholas M. Pontikos, Ph.D.
Sr. Prin. IT Bus. Systems Analyst
Lean Sigma & DFSS MBB
Medtronic, Inc. CDRM

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