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From food processing plants to oil rigs, toys to backscatter radar devices, Munro & Associates has seen it all. By virtue of working in almost every industry, Munro is uniquely positioned to provide a wealth and depth of knowledge not found elsewhere. Our commitment to providing clients with the most cutting-edge services in design and manufacturing can be seen in the many quality products our customers produce around the globe.

Design For X

If your company manufactures products in any industry sector, chances are, we can help your team to achieve reductions in parts, weight, complexity, and manufacturing time, while increasing quality and speeding time to market. Using our unique methodologies and tools, such as Design Profit®, Lean Design®, as well as time tested lean manufacturing tools, our team works with yours to assess, analyze, redesign, cost, innovate and improve any part of your operations.

Process and Product

Munro has been instrumental in creating optimized manufacturing systems for agricultural and processed foods producers, pulp and paper industry leaders, recycling plants, and manufacturers of all sorts.  Smart companies that have taken ideas generated from Munro’s consulting have pushed industry change.  Munro is like a secret weapon for the savvy manufacturer.


“It was a smart move to bring in our friends from Munro and Associates.”

Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO American Science and Engineering

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