“The Demon (Prophet) of Manufacturing” – Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro and Makoto Sakai President Marklines

“The Demon (Prophet) of Manufacturing” – Sandy Munro

Taking a bit of a different path on today’s news item, we are reposting an interview with MarkLines president Makoto Sakai which was originally published in the “Koyusho” (Cultural Column) in the morning edition of the Nihon Keizai (Nikkei) newspaper entitled, “The Demon (Prophet) of Manufacturing”


“The “Demon of Manufacturing” that I respect lives the United States. This gentleman is Mr. Sandy Munro, CEO of the U.S. engineering consulting firm Munro & Associates. Sandy is a professional engaged in the teardown and analysis of automobiles and is a big fan of Japan. He really likes “takoyaki”, which I’ve enjoyed going out to eat with him when he’s visited Japan.

It was around 2016 when we first became friends. On a business trip to Detroit, I learned of his company, which is engaged in vehicle teardown analysis surveys, and when I think about it now, I was sort of rude in going to see him, being only interested in his company’s activities. However, I was cordially welcomed as a guest from Japan, and before I knew it, a light came on in my head when we started talking about automotive components. I remember being excited by his amazing depth of knowledge and thinking to myself that “this person is the real deal.”

He is fond of making jokes, and is also known for doing imitations at drinking parties. However, when the conversation comes to Monozukuri (manufacturing), the color of his eyes change.

I remember when Sandy visited Tokyo in 2017. When he looked up at the bell tower of Zojoji Temple in Minato Ward, he suddenly began to explain, “Mr. Sakai, the structure of the parquet is very interesting.” It was a moment when I was able to get a glimpse of his inquisitive spirit that hasn’t faded one bit, even at the age of 69.

Mr. Munro, who likes Japan so much that he even puts up a string of carp-shaped windsocks (koinobori) to celebrate the Japanese holiday Children’s Day at his home in the U.S. It seems that he is already looking forward to visiting Japan again after the new coronavirus situation has settled down. I can’t wait to have our next drink together in Japan.”

By, Makoto Sakai – President of MarkLines

For more information on MarkLines visit their website here.

Munro Gives Out Masks to Local Groceries

Sandy Munro gives out masks to grocery stores

Munro gives out masks from Cypress River Advisors to local grocery stores!

Sandy Munro has been urging our viewers on Munro Live to tip their cashiers and, in general, pay respect to the front line essential workers who have been putting their lives and health on the line during this COVID 19 crisis.

Well, recently Sandy has taken it one step further and with the help of Jason Wang at Cypress River Advisors, the creative engineers at giveneed.org, and the Taiwanese manufacturers, Sandy Munro handed out boxes of facemasks to certain local grocery stores in the Detroit Metro area.

Jason Wang, an alumnus from the University of Michigan and Wolverines fan who now lives in Taiwan and runs an Investment Company with a portfolio including philanthropic work fostering air quality analytical platforms, academic research, and education provided these much-needed masks recently and the local grocery stores who received them were all too happy.  From all the people at Munro, we very much thank Jason for his generous donation and salute his commitment to helping our at-risk workers!

Munro would like to send a big thanks out to Jason and his team and all the other unsung heroes out there making a difference during this pandemic!

For the full video, click here!

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Cybertruck Comparison Ep2 – Suspension

Cybertruck E2 - Suspension

Cybertruck Comparison Ep2 – Suspension

In this week’s episode, Sandy Munro compares the Cybertruck with conventional trucks on the market in relation to front and rear suspension, air ride, and active damping to make assumptions about utility, comfort, and performance.

What suspension geometry is Cybertruck going to use and why?  What are some unique possibilities for dynamic ride height adjustment that air suspension opens up for the Cybertruck?  How will active damping affect the overall feel of the Cybertruck and the absence of a solid rear axle in favor of independent rear suspension and air springs?  All of these questions are covered in this weeks episode which can be watched here:

Just a reminder, Munro has reports on these types of truck comparisons and much more.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Tesla Model 3 or Y or how the top 10 EV Motors on the market compare with each other, then you should click on the above or contact us at sales@leandesign.com.

Also, remember to tip your cashier or at the very least to thank them for being a front line worker that is keeping the economy going.  For last week’s episode, click here.

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Three – RevoTherm Applications

Presidium RevoTherm Molding Sandy Munro

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Three – RevoTherm® Applications

In this final post of our Tech Spotlight series featuring Presidium and its innovation, RevoTherm®, we’re sharing the material’s potential applications and markets.

There are a number of markets where RevoTherm® is applicable, including: automotive aftermarket; agricultural; aerospace; construction; electric vehicle; heavy truck; recreational; RV/ specialty vehicle; marine; infrastructure; windpower; and more.

When it comes to the transportation industries, such as automotive aftermarket and heavy truck, lightweighting has become a big topic and a critical differentiator. In the heavy truck industry, for example, RevoTherm® can reduce the weight of key components, such as body panels, air design pieces, and other large parts by as much as 30% compared to traditional fiberglass composites, or up to 80% as compared to steel; while maintaining their structural integrity.

Jeep Bumper SEMA 2019 made using RevoTherm by Presidium

Jeep Bumper SEMA 2019 made using RevoTherm by Presidium

The same can be said for the agriculture and construction industries. For example, farm operators don’t want heavy equipment that will bog down the field. They want to lightweight as much as possible. At the same time, OEM’s are looking to reduce fabricated metal parts that are costly and labor-intensive.  As compared to other resins, RevoTherm®, because of its inherent strength, has the potential to make parts lighter by downgauging the part geometry or by reducing the amount of fiberglass reinforcement.  In some instances, RevoTherm® is strong enough that it can be used without any reinforcement at all.  It can also be used in many cases to replace fabricated metal parts.  RevoTherm® can also be made into structural foams to further support cavities like beams, pillars, and sandwich boards without adding significant weight.

RevoTherm® also has application potential in the marine industry, which utilizes quite a bit of fiberglass. And, as many of you know, current polyester fiberglass composites have low impact strength and cracks quickly lead to exposed fibers and delamination, as is often seen with hatch doors. RevoTherm® is able to produce stronger parts both in terms of impact and resin to fiber adhesion.

These are just a few of the many ways RevoTherm® can revolutionize the composites industry, as well as the products and processes of many others.

Thanks for following along in this Tech Spotlight series. You can view part one here and part two here.

For more information on Presidium, visit: https://www.presidiumusa.com/.

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Two – Benefits of RevoTherm

Various RevoTherm® Parts from Presidium USA

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Part Two – Benefits of RevoTherm®

In part two of our Tech Spotlight: Presidium, we’re highlighting the benefits of the company’s product, RevoTherm®, which stands for revolutionary thermoset. RevoTherm is a polyurethane-based thermoset resin system with material properties capable of replacing traditional composite materials in either a lightweight “neat” or reinforced system.

RevoTherm® is created in a two-part chemistry using a traditional isocyanate and Presidium’s “secret sauce”, a modified polyol that has structural properties up to five times stronger than typical urethanes. However, it retains the benefits of a urethane system with low viscosity that flows like water and cures into a finished part. This allows the material to easily flow into tools to make parts, so you can use low-pressure tools and processes that are relatively inexpensive compared to other industry equipment.

The RevoTherm® system is a clean (non-styrenic) and low-labor process suited for numerous manufacturing applications including closed- molding, pultrusion, RIM, and vacuum infusion using commercially available meter mix equipment and low-cost tooling. Compared to many traditional composite processes, the RevoTherm® system produces minimal waste and low VOCs.

In addition, part design freedom is expanded with the ability to add-in thick-to-thin areas, embosses and textures with no read-through. Being a polyurethane-based material, the end product has optimal adhesion properties for coatings and adhesives.

To learn more, visit: https://www.presidiumusa.com/revotherm.

Next week, we’ll share the last post for this Tech Spotlight series and highlight RevoTherm’s applications.

To view part one of this series, click here!



Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Sets Out to Revolutionize the Composites Industry

Two molded pieces of Presidium USA's Revotherm material.

Munro Tech Spotlight: Presidium Sets Out to Revolutionize the Composites Industry

Munro & Associates is always on the lookout for upcoming, innovative and disruptive technology. To remain on the cutting edge, Munro works to connect with companies that are making a big impact. To highlight some of these companies, we’re starting our Tech Spotlight series.

The first company we’re highlighting in this series is Presidium, an innovative technology company that invents, develops, and manufactures disruptive engineered materials. The company’s mission is to revolutionize not only what products can be made of, but how products are designed and manufactured.

Presidium wants to revolutionize the composites industry. In the more than 40 year history of the $30 billion industry, there have been innovations such as carbon fiber, but in general, it has been the same manufacturing materials, fiberglass and resin systems with the same manufacturing processes.

The company set out to do something different and answer the question, “Can we make a material that not only provides better properties from a material science standpoint, but also change the manufacturing process to improve the total system cost on marking a part, as well as the whole value chain of the composites industry?” said Jeffery Ritz, chief executive officer at Presidium.

And in four years, Presidium has created the material called RevoTherm™. RevoTherm, which stands for revolutionary thermoset, is a polyurethane-based thermoset resin system with material properties capable of replacing traditional composite materials in either a lightweight “neat” or reinforced system. With a number of benefits, Presidium calls RevoTherm the “Swiss Army knife of value propositions.”

Next week, we’ll share part two of this Tech Spotlight series and highlight RevoTherm’s benefits.

Teslarati covers Munro Q and A – Model Y Has No Competition!

Teslarati Article Sandy Munro thinks Tesla has no competitors.

Teslarati covers Munro Q and A – Model Y has no competition!

Teslarati recently did a story on Munro’s Q&A session on the Munro Live YouTube site, where Sandy Munro says, “I don’t think anyone right now has a way of challenging Tesla.”

After the intense teardown that Munro did on the Tesla Model Y, Sandy Munro and his team got a very real picture of where the Model Y stands versus their EV competition from legacy carmakers… and it puts them into a completely different echelon.

Check out the full article here:  https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-dominance-has-no-rivals-sandy-munro-video/

Also, if you want to learn more about the Tesla Model Y beyond what’s discussed in the 40 episode series, check out the Tesla Model Y prospectus here or contact Munro at sales@leandesign.com.

Cybertruck Comparison Ep1 – Body Structure

Cybertruck Comparison Ep1 - Body Structure

Cybertruck Comparison Ep1 – Body Structure

Munro kicks off their next video series today which will compare the 3 leading pickup trucks currently in the market (F150, Silverado, and RAM) with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Episode 1 focuses on the exterior body of these vehicles and explains reasons why Tesla decided to take this angular approach in designing the Cybertruck.  Although polarizing to some, the choice of making the body 30X stainless necessitates this sort of look.

“Stainless Steel is not your best friend when it comes to forming techniques,” says Sandy Munro, which is why the Cybertruck has to be formed using a press brake rather than stamping dies. “These lines (on conventional trucks) are impossible with anything that is hard like a stainless steel,” Sandy re-iterates.

Watch the full episode here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes, which will be released every Wednesday morning.  Next week’s episode will cover suspension, ride, and handling.

Most importantly, if you or your team wants to get ahead in the new EV world, our reports on the Model Y will put you in the driver’s seat.  We cover everything featured in our video series and more.  Also, our report on the leading 10 Electric Motors will let you know where everyone stands in the EV motor world. Whether you are an OEM, supplier, or manufacturer looking to get into the shifting EV market, these reports can give you an advantage now instead of wasting money trying to analyze in-house. Contact us today at sales@leandesign.com to learn more!

Munro Series Compares Cybertruck to Leading Pickups

Cybertruck vs the F150 Dodge Ram and Silverado

Munro Series Compares Cybertruck to Leading Pickups

Starting tomorrow, Munro will begin releasing its new video series comparing the leading pickup trucks to the Tesla Cybertruck.  Specifically, Sandy will dive into the 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2020 Ford F150, and the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500.  In the short promo video that Munro did on this series (which you can watch here) Sandy tells the audience that although the three trucks pictured are not going to be torn down, Sandy is going to use lots of data that Munro has found in recent teardowns of these vehicles in order to give the audience a reasonably accurate look at where the competition stands against the proposed specs of the Tesla Cybertruck.

“We are going to be looking at, what did they do, how did they do it, and why did they do it that way?”, says Sandy when talking about the series, “It’s important to know that the truck market is on a completely different playing field than the rest of the automotive industry,”  Because of this, Sandy expects that our viewers will be very interested in finding out, not only more about the truck industry in general, but how difficult it will be for Tesla to wrangle away the top seat with it’s edgy but polarizing new competitor.

Tune in tomorrow to watch the first episode in the series and dig into what makes these trucks tick.

Also, remember that we have several exciting reports that are for sale right now including the 10 EV Motor Analysis covering the 10 leading EV motors on the market, the Tesla Model 3, and the soon to be released Tesla Model Y Report.

Munro & Associates’ Tesla Model Y Teardown Showcases New Casting Procedure

Munro & Associates’ Tesla Model Y Teardown Showcases New Casting Procedure

Munro & Associates’ Tesla Model Y Teardown Showcases New Casting Procedure  

In a recent article by Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine’s Charles Morris, he covers the new casting procedure used by Tesla for the Model Y, which replaces 70 underbody parts with one casting.

Stating that Tesla is constantly working to simplify the manufacturing process for its vehicles, Charles shares one of 40 episodes covering Munro’s recent teardown of the Model Y where Munro CEO Sandy Munro gives viewers a look at the new innovative parts.

In this episode, Sandy walks viewers through the underside of the mega castings, sharing many of the characteristics and advantages.

Be sure to check out the full article here.

Interested in viewing more episodes of Munro’s Model Y teardown? Visit www.MunroLive.com for full details about Munro’s Tesla Model Y discovery process.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Tesla Model Y beyond what’s discussed in the 40 episode series, check out the Tesla Model Y prospectus here or contact Munro at sales@leandesign.com.