Mach-E Front Motor Blows Sandy Away!

Mach-E Front Motor Analysis Munro Live

In today’s episode of Munro Live, Sandy is absolutely blow away by the simple and Lean Design that the motor product design team has achieved on the Mach-E front Motor. From the contents of the gearbox to the rotor and stator, Sandy is impressed with Ford’s cost effective and elegant design.

With less bearings than the Tesla Model Y’s front motor the Ford Mach-E (while not having the same horse power) has a major cost and complexity advantage. The excellent and simple design of the differential made by Magna has a gears are machined in place of the forging and the design of the forged output shaft allows them to have an inline drive system.

The housing plate incorporates the ability to have the stator pressed in, which eliminates a lot of unnecessary bolts as commonly found in other motor designs. It also have grooved slots on the outside of the stator housing allowing coolant to flow around it which eliminates the need for oil, similar to the design found in the ID.4 stator housing. No filters, squirters, or extra pumps, just a simple effective solution.

Sandy goes into more depth on the rotor and it’s design as well the other parts of the drive train, electronics and connectors, the inverter (which Sandy is also very impressed with), and more but to find out what else he has to say about what he finds in this great design from Ford, you will have to watch the full video by clicking below:

Sandy Gives an Update on the Model S Plaid, Ford and Upcoming Videos

Sandy Gives an Update on the Model S Plaid, Ford and Upcoming Videos

In today’s episode of Munro Live, Sandy brings us up-to-date with what is going on at Munro. There has been a lot of movement at Munro, as you will learn, including Sandy working on several new product launches.

From electric vehicle customers to medical device and aerospace projects, this video will let our viewers in on what is transpiring at Munro including what to expect video-wise in the coming days including interviews with the Ford engineers on the Mach-E, the Tesla Model S, and other new project reveals.

To watch the whole video, click below:

Cory and Ben Break Down The Mach-E’s ADAS

SAE J3016 Levels of Driving Automation

In our latest video, Cory and Ben go over Mach-E’s Advanced Driver Assistance System, or ADAS for short.

Ben starts off by explaining that the ADAS version that Munro’s vehicle has is the Co-pilot 360 system, which is not yet a hands-free driving system, but when the updates come out it will be upgradeable to the BlueCruise capability.

From there Ben discusses the edge-of-roads camera systems that detect where the edge of the drivable space is in various environments including dirt roads or construction zones. This camera system also has blind spot assistance and intersection assist helping you to prevent lane changing into a vehicle in your blind spot as well as helping to better navigate intersections. The ADAS accomplishes all of this with 5 radar and a camera system including an ifrared camera which Ben also explains in more detail.

Ben then pulls up a chart from the SAE which describes the different levels of autonomous driving and describes that Mach-E is at Level 2 autonomy. He also explains that some level 3 vehicles exist, however, most of the ADAS systems that have been approved are Level 2.

From there Cory explains differences we have found between the Ford Mach-E and other vehicles we have analyzed, specifically Tesla as well as why Tesla has made certain choices from a business standpoint.

To watch the full video, click below:

Volkswagen ID.4 Battery Prototype Update

Volkswagen VW ID.4 Battery Prototype Update Sandy Munro

The latest episode of Munro Live covers Sandy Munro’s mockup of the VW ID.4 Battery prototype coming from the work we have done with Sabic.

In this episode, Sandy goes over some of the ideas behind creating a practical battery system that will work best for this vehicle, taking the best ideas and attributes of other battery systems we have analyzed.

From keeping the cooling system architecture of the ID.4 but instead building it into the new composite body of the battery housing to the connectors, borrowing load bearing and structural ideas from aerospace projects that we have worked on in the past, comparing larger battery cell designs that are glued to the battery box that actually provide more space for additions and more.

To watch the full episode, click below and enjoy!

Ford Mach-E Rear Motor Teardown and Analysis

Ford Mustang Mach-E Rear Electric Motor Teardown Sandy Munro

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy goes into great detail about our recent teardown of the Ford Mach-E Rear electric motor.

Well, this motor isn’t exactly what Sandy expected to find in this vehicle. The part Sandy was the most impressed with was the magnets themselves, but from there is seems to be a series of pointers for improvements. From excessive laminations, buried pumps and filters, and the largest motor casing we have ever seen, there is a lot of surprises.

In general, this motor has a lot of parts and processes involved in its manufacturing and assembly, and although it has come up in other videos and popular quotes that electric vehicles have fewer parts than ICE vehicles, especially comparing engines to electric motors, but this video proves, that is not always the case.

When comparing this electric motor to Tesla’s and VW there are many points of improvement that are possible from a complexity reduction standpoint, with Sandy giving a special shout out of praise to the design of VW ID.4 motor that removes the need for an oil pump by creating an innovative component that solves this problem.

In general, this is a concise and very interesting episode that will tell you all you need to know about the Mustang Mach-E rear motor as well as providing many moments of Sandy’s subtle humor and his lifetime of design experience.

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Sandy’s 2030 EV Prediction

The ICE Age is over in 2030 Sandy Munro predicts in 2019

In today’s breaking news, President Joe Biden announces his vision for a 50/50 split between conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles by 2030. But Sandy Munro was long in advance the forerunner of this prediction making, presentations from 2019 onward espousing exactly this message.

While many critics threw rocks at this early prediction from Munro and financial analysts sloughed off the idea as overly optimistic, here we are today with the stark reality that this will be a push that is not only market-driven but also government-backed and mandated.

Watch the short video below as a vindicated Sandy takes us through a brief look back in time proving his prognostications:

The Mach-E Body in White Explained

Mach-E Body In White Episode 18

In today’s episode of Munro Live Sandy and Ben go over the “Body in White” of the Ford Mach-E. Sandy starts off with a little bit of a history lesson about why the body structure of vehicles are called the “Body in White” (or BIW for short). This stems back from the days when Ford would paint the body structure in white to check for faults or defects and the name has since stuck. Sandy also points out that he is very impressed with the structure and believes that the car will most likely recieve a 5 star crash rating.

Sandy passes the torch to Ben Lindamood who then gives some information on some of the safety testing that has already been done on the vehicle as well as weight, structural advantages, design choices that Munro likes and doesn’t as well as an analysis of space and more.

To watch the whole video, click on the link below:

Arcimoto’s FUV & Friends BIG REVEAL and Tesla Model S Plaid UPDATE

Arcimoto Roadster

In this episode of Munro Live, Sandy and Cory recap their recent trip to the Arcimoto meet-up “FUV and Friends Showcase” in Oregon at the Portland International Raceway. Sandy and Cory, as well as our VP of Business Development Mike Oakes, got a chance to try out several of the vehicles, talk with owners and enthusiasts who shared what they like and how the vehicles could be improved, as well as meet with the Governor of Oregon – Kate Brown!

Sandy and Cory talk about several points they liked but Sandy wanted to bring special attention to the special leaning suspension from a company that Arcimoto acquired earlier this year called Tilting Motor Works. Sandy is blow away by how great this technology is, citing that Harley and others missed the boat by not adopting this technology earlier. In either case, this will be a great addition to the FUV and other vehicles’ performance capabilities as well as sheer fun!

Make sure you watch the full episode as their are some special reveals as well as an update on the Tesla Model S Paid that you won’t want to miss.

Click below to watch the full episode:

Sandy’s First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck!

F150 Lightning a first look

Welcome back to Munro Live’s newest installment covering the F-150 Lightning! In this long form podcast style interview, Sandy and Cory give their first impressions on Ford’s new electric truck in the F150 line.

Several topics are covered, including: On board power outlets for contractors, hobbyists, or do-it-yourselfers alike, a massive 400lbs payload frunk, interior cabin feel including infotainment, what it is like at the Ford campus and going around the Ford Test Track, an amazing multi-adjustable trailer tow with a computer validation feature, checking out the underbody of the truck, and more.

This is the first installment of a longer series, so stay tuned to catch all of Munro’s analysis of this vehcile. But first check out this weeks episode by clicking below: