Driving Innovation

Munro & Associates has had a long and distinguished history in the Automotive Industry, having worked with most of the world’s OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.  Through Munro’s Lean Design® methodology and technology cross-pollination from other industries, we have brought about tremendous paradigm shifts in the industry.  Munro & Associates has helped several new Electric Vehicle suppliers and OEMs spearhead new product innovation, pulling from our years of experience analyzing vehicles in this market.

Tear Down Titan

With over 40 years in the auto industry, Sandy Munro has been named, “The Teardown Titan” by the Society of Automotive Engineers.  

Electric Vehicles

Longtime Leaders

Starting as early as the EV1 in the 90’s, Munro & Associates has been at the forefront of analyzing, costing, and helping to design Electric Vehicles.

Munro’s provides private consulting to companies in product development, costing, and teardown benchmarking and reverse engineering.  We also have several reports available for purchase on some of the leading electric vehicles on the market with new reports being added on a regular basis.


Munro’s world class Benchmarking Information Center (BIC), provides state-of-the-art benchmarking services. A combined square footage of 100,000ft is dedicated for product evaluation, redesign and reverse engineering. These turnkey facilities are replete with the necessary tools, technology and engineers to perform any size or type benchmarking study with an internal emphasis on both excellence and discretion. A large full-time staff are trained and dedicated to making your experience illuminating, positive and rewarding.

The Future of EVs

Munro & Associates prides itself on staying at the forefront of EV technology by continuously obtaining the most sought after electric vehicles and analyzing them using our unique methodologies to pull superior data for our reports which are industry leading and highly valued in the market.

Our report data helps our automotive customers propel their new product development efforts to the next level.  It also provides strong insight for our financial industry customers so that they can more clearly see trends in the market before others; providing clear direction to take positions.

Sandy is also a frequent speaker on the future of the EV market vs. legacy automotive and I.C.E. vehicles, delighting his followers by revealing the newest technologies as well as giving deep dives into specific strengths and weaknesses or various vehicles.

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