Protecting Our Land

Munro & Associates has been privileged to work on various defense aircraft, land vehicles, missiles, ships, and other defense systems. Munro has also crafted special design and manufacturing tools unique to the defense industry, such as the Design Profit MRL® analysis, auditing, and compliance software. No stranger to R&D and new concept design, Munro has helped defense companies achieve excellence, reducing cost, weight, and program completion time while increasing quality and reliability in the field.

Lean Design®

90% Reduction of Cost In Cargo Door Redesign

Munro is dedicated to the pursuit of innovation in the defense community, bringing increased function, safety, accuracy, and reliability to the troops who defend our nation. By applying our Lean Design® methodology to existing defense platforms, we have consistently reduced  costs and, in some cases, removed quality and performance issues that have been long standing burdens.

Major Tank Redesign

18 Year Mobility Issue Solved in 4 Months

50% Reduction in Weight
72% Reduction in Cost

“Munro’s Lean Design® is not just a process; it is an extension of the War Plan!”

Daniel F. Cheeseman, Engineering Director, Senior Fellow, Raytheon Missile Systems

Munro Defense Services

*Product Concept Development
*Ground Vehicle Sub-Systems Packaging and Sub-System Design
*Aircraft Sub-Systems Packaging and Sub-System Design
*Ship Board Sub-Systems Packaging and Sub-System Design
*Component Design and CAE Analysis to Support Sub-System Design
*Design Change to Reduce Weight and Acquisition Cost
*Design Change to Optimize System Functionality
*Design Change to Overcome Durability and Sustainability Issues
*Manufacturing Processes optimization
*Product Development Processes
*Material and Service Acquisition Processes

“The end result was a design that can be built for less than the original production cost goal, fit in a smaller space, and is more producible. With the improved product, several new markets have opened. ”

Michol R. Fletcher

Director of Programs, CES

DRS Test & Energy Management

Munro Defense Customers

Alliant Techsystems


Boeing Integrated Defense Systems



Coleman Research


Computing Devices




GEC Marconi

General Dynamics

Hamilton Sunstrand




L3 Communications

Litton Guidence Control

Litton Laser

Lockheed Martin

Northrop Grumman

Picatinny Arsenal


Sandia Labs


Texas Instruments

Textron Defense Systems



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