Capturing Lightning In a Bottle

From TVs to avionics, mobile phones to numerous household appliances, Munro has worked on a wide variety of electronic equipment. From redesigning electronics and their respective enclosures and components or finding optimal manufacturing alternatives to current designs, Munro has time-proven tactics for reducing cost and increasing quality. A leader in competitive benchmarking, Munro has analyzed electronics from most industries and compiled this costing and quality data to create costing models unique to Munro.

Electric Vehicles

It’s quite likely that no other single engineering firm has torn apart and analyzed as many electric vehicles as Munro & Associates has over the course of 34+ years.  When it comes to EV electric systems and design, Munro holds a wealth of deeply mined data, benchmarked and presented in it’s reports.  


Our electronics benchmarking team works hard to capture the data that you are looking for.  From proprietary chips to unique designs in electrical systems, we strive to bring our customers the highest quality reports in the industry.

Electrical Systems Analysis

We work with your team to holistically evaluate the integrated system, including the printed circuit board assembly (CCA, PCB, PCA), component optimization, control panel, wire harnesses, motors, valves, interconnects and electromechanical interfaces. Using our design methodology, we analyze components and systems for elimination and reduction.

Electrical Systems Design

“Munro delivered an analytical approach that drove our engineers to find design alternatives with metrics to validate the merit for these ideas. It pushed our engineers out of their “design as usual” comfort zone.”

Michol R. Fletcher, Director of Programs, CES,
DRS Test & Energy Management


15% Reduction in Cost

We consistently find ways to improve consumer products while reducing cost.  Find out how our team can help you.